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* * * ½ (Joyce)

* * * (Don)

(Psychological study of a prison warden)

Joyce was fascinated by this psychological study of a prison warden dealing with the death penalty. While I was also, I thought it moved a bit too slowly.

Alfre Woodard is excellent as the stoic, by-the-book warden who must deal with the death penalty, sticking to the exact procedures that she must follow, burying her emotions.

The movie opens with a grim, botched execution by injection and then follows the next scheduled execution. The death penalty weighs heavily on her, affecting her marriage, her sobriety and her very being.

There are also good performances by the man on death row (Aldis Hodge) and his attorney (Richard Schiff of "The Good Doctor).

If nothing else, "Clemency" raises the question of the death penalty and all the emotional and legal ramifications.

Rated R with some profanity and a hard to watch opening scene.


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