Valentine's Day Tarot Readings

Posted by ArrowTarot

It's the season of love! Jamie from Arrow Tarot is offering special tarot readings around self-love and relationships. Book a tarot reading to gain insight on your relationship with a romantic lover, a best friend, a family member, or your relationship to yourself!

Choose from one of three tarot spreads, or improvise with Jamie and develop your own.
#1 The Self Love Spread answers: How do I perceive myself? What is one of my greatest strengths? What is one of my perceived weaknesses? How can I practice self-acceptance? Why am I worth of love? What can I do to show myself love?
#2 The Relationship Spread reveals: how you view each other, what you provide in the relationship, how you perceived each other in the past, present doubts and fears, external pressures on the relationship, and where it's all headed in the future.
#3 The Future Love spread ponders: Why haven't I found my person? How do I overcome this? Where and when will I find them? What will my first impression be? As well as insights into the common bonds you will share and how you might meet.

Invite your friends and make it a Galentine's Day event; small groups can get readings together. Or make it a date and bring your Valentine in for a reading; couples can share a relationship spread for the price of one! Relationship spreads do not need to be about romantic relationships, they apply to all kinds of relationships.

Event Cost:
1/2 hour reading: $55
1 hour reading: $110

Thirty minute sessions will cover one relationship spread. The full hour allows you to go deeper into each individual and ask the cards some follow up questions.

If you are interested in Booking a Tarot Reading with Jamie on Valentine's Day, In the Salt Cave - Please Call for a reservation 401-359-7937 or email for availability.

You must bring or wear white socks for the preservation of the salt floor, and you must wear a mask.

Jamie began reading tarot in 2016 and founded Arrow Tarot in 2018. Not only is she an experienced tarot reader, she is also a certified reiki practitioner and a happiness coach. To learn more about Arrow Tarot, check out her website:
or follow @arrowtarot on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.


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